Cabuyal beach

Cabuyal beach

colono colono 10 November, 2019 0 Comments Playas

Description: Cabuyal beach in Papagayo Guanacaste, is literally a small paradise. After walking a long path, you’ll get to the beach. You’ll find white sand, turquoise color water, and a place filled with huge amazing mountains. Even though there are medium sized waves here, that doesn’t stop most people from swimming or snorkeling.  Cabuyal is located a few kilometers from Liberia.  

Activities and services: You can take your lunch and enjoy a nice meal in the picnic area that the beach offers. There is also a camping area and a place to park your vehicle. A few miles away, you can find hostels, cabins, and hotels to stay in. If you want to use a reference point, Liberia is a good one, since it’s about 18 miles away.  

Road conditions: Even though most of the road is in good shape there is a part of it that is dirt road that’s not so great. We recommend you drive a 4×4 on your way to this beach.    


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