Conchal Beach

Conchal Beach

colono colono 10 November, 2019 0 Comments Playas

Description: Conchal beach is a paradise filled with white sand, crystal clear water and small waves. Clear sand blends with thousands of tiny sea shells to create this unique amazing place that always capture tourist´s attention. There is an abundance of vegetation near the beach, which provides sunshade. This beach doesn’t have as much stone as others, but the water´s clarity highlights the rock formations on the ocean floor and this generates a rainbow, making the beach a really beautiful place.

Activities and services: The calm and crystal clear water makes it easy and fun to go snorkeling. In Conchal beach, there are all kinds of services on hand: restaurants, hotels, cabins, and supermarkets. It´s listed as an ecological blue flag beach.

Road conditions: Conchal beach is located in Guanacaste. You can take an automobile to get to this beach since the road is made of ballast and it is in good shape. You can pull over close to the shore.


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