Coco beach

Coco beach

colono colono 10 November, 2019 Playas

Description: It is known as “Playas del Coco” and it is one of the most developed beaches in Costa Rica. Aside from its grey sand with few rocks and intermediate waves, there is also a wide variety of hotels, culinary and night life to explore. El Coco beach is located in strategic place that allows you to get to know other beaches that are less crowded and very beautiful, including Penca and Calzón de Pobre. You can also count on a bunch of tours.  

Activities and Services: A lot of Costa Rican people decide to go to El Coco for New Year eve as a tradition which gathers tons of people who enjoy great vibes and awesome parties. However, throughout the entire year El Coco stands out for having a very active nocturnal life style, with a variety of bars to choose from and restaurants open till late at night.  

Road conditions: Since it’s a very developed place the roads are in perfect shape to take a car. It is all asphalt road.